Which Way?

Sometimes a farmer will set up a maze built out of hay bales. Then he will invite neighborhood children to find their way through the maze.
Some mazes are simple and only need a few turns to get through them. But others are difficult to maneuver through. As children go through the maze, they try to remember the dead ends and get out of the maze as fast as they can.
Life is like a maze with many choices along the way. When we make wrong decisions, we may end up at a “dead end.” Then we become confused and frustrated. So it is important that we use God’s Word, the Bible, to help us make the right choices in life. That’s where we can read God’s commands. Verse 35 of our Bible Reading says, “Help me follow your commands, because that’s what makes me happy.”
Let God’s Word help you make right choices and show you which way to go in your life.