One day I was walking down the road with my dog. Suddenly, a little whirlwind blew close to me. The whirlwind picked up dry leaves on the ground and scattered them all over. I was amazed that a little whirlwind could blow the leaves so far away.
This whirlwind reminds me of gossip. Sometimes we say or sign unkind things or lies about other people. Then people tell these things to other people. Soon our words and signs are scattered everywhere ? just like the whirlwind scattered the leaves.
In our Bible Reading, Paul told the Christians in Ephesus how they should live. Verse 29 says, ?When you talk, don?t say any bad things. But say good things that people need ? things that will help other people become stronger. Then the things you say will help the people who listen to you.?
Be careful today to say and sign things that are good and helpful for other people.