White as Snow

The classrooms at my church have white boards. You must use a dry erase marker on these boards. Then the boards can be cleaned easily.
One Sunday someone used a permanent marker to write on a white board. This was an accident, but we thought that it couldn’t be erased because the wrong kind of marker was used. But one person knew how to clean the board and remove the permanent marker.
The sin in my life is like the permanent marker on a white board. I can’t erase it. But Jesus can remove the sin from my life. That’s why He died on the cross. His blood covers all of my sins. Because of Jesus, my sins are forgiven and I am clean.
In our Bible verses from Isaiah, God says, “Even if your sins are as dark as red dye, that stain can be removed and you will be as pure as wool that is as white as snow” (verse 18b). Only Jesus can forgive you and remove your sin. Trust Him to make you clean again.