White Sheets*

I remember years ago when I wanted to have the whitest bed sheets in the neighborhood. It was tiring for me to sort, bleach, scrub and wash the many sheets. But I was proud of those snowy white sheets hanging on my clothesline.
I also wanted a perfect spiritual life. When I was growing up, I tried very hard to be a good girl – obedient, quiet and sweet. But often my giggles and fun-loving attitude got me into trouble. I tried to be perfect, but I did not succeed.
Years later I realized that almost no one buys white sheets any more. Now I have a set of black sheets and a set of maroon sheets and even a set of gray sheets! These sheets have helped me understand that I cannot have a perfect spiritual life on my own. A perfect spiritual life is only possible through Jesus. I can do my best, but I must depend on Jesus to make my life pure.
Maybe you are struggling with your spiritual life today. Remember to depend on Jesus every day.