Who is God?

Peter and John were Christian leaders. In our Bible Reading, they were at the temple (place where the Jews worshiped God) in Jerusalem. Peter and John healed a man who had been crippled (could not walk) all his life. The people did not understand how the man could be healed.
Peter told the people that God healed the man. He explained that this was the same God that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worshiped and the same God who created the earth.
Then Peter told the people about Jesus, God’s Son. He reminded them that Jesus was the man they hated and killed. Peter told them that Jesus was with God when the world was created. He also told them that Jesus was the One the Old Testament prophets wrote about.
Peter told the people in Acts 3:26b, “God sent him [Jesus} to bless you. He does this by making each of you turn away from doing bad things.” This is a message for you today, too. God sent Jesus to bless you. Accept Him as your Savior today.