Who is Jesus? (10)

A centurion was a Roman army officer who was in charge of one hundred soldiers. Centurions and other Roman soldiers often had the job of crucifying criminals. Because they killed so many people, they probably developed hard hearts.
Our Bible Reading tells us that there was a centurion at the cross where Jesus was crucified. This officer saw how Jesus died. Maybe this man’s heart was hard, but what he said about Jesus was incredible!
In verse 39b, we read that the centurion said about Jesus, “This man really was the Son of God!” A hard-hearted Roman officer said that Jesus was God’s Son! And in Luke 23:47 we learn that the centurion “praised God, saying, ‘I know this man was a good man!’” I find it amazing that a tough Roman soldier praised God and said that Jesus was a good man!
Jesus is truly God’s Son. Praise God, and go tell others about Jesus.