Who is Jesus? (4)

Many people know today’s Bible Reading as part of the Christmas story. There were shepherds in the fields taking care of their sheep. After Jesus was born, angels appeared to the shepherds.
Angels are divine (heavenly) beings. They came from heaven to earth to tell the shepherds the Good News about Jesus’ birth. What did the angels tell the shepherds about Jesus?
In Luke 2:11, the angels joyfully said, “Today your Savior was born in David’s town. He is Christ, the Lord.” Jesus is our Savior, the One who saves us from our sins. As we learned yesterday, “Christ” means anointed or chosen One. “Lord” means someone who is a master or ruler. The angels declared that Jesus is the chosen One who saves us from our sins and is our Master and Ruler!
Is Jesus your Savior? He can save you from your sins. Is Jesus your Lord and Master? Allow Him to rule in your life. Follow Him and His plan for your life.