Who is Jesus? (6)

In our Bible Reading today, we see that Jesus was baptized. As Jesus was praying after His baptism, a voice came from heaven. Whose voice was this? It was God’s voice. He talked about His Son, Jesus. What did God, the Father, say about Jesus, His Son?
In verse 22, God said, “You are my Son and I love you. I am very pleased with you.” God was talking directly to Jesus. God loved Jesus and was very pleased with Him. This is a deep and special love!
Did you know that God loves you, too? And God can be pleased with you, too. How? We can please God by believing in Him, repenting of our sins and being baptized. And God is pleased with us when we continue to follow and obey Him every day.
Jesus obeyed and followed God’s plan for His life on earth. Be like Jesus. Obey and follow God’s plans for your life, too. —