Wind can be a friend or an enemy to people. Wind can dry clothes hung out on a line or power giant wind turbines that provide electricity for millions of people. Wind can also destroy an entire town or wear away the side of a mountain.

God controls the wind, just as He controls snow and rain. When Jesus was on earth, He showed that He had power over the wind, too. One day Jesus and His followers were in a boat on the lake. Jesus went to sleep in the boat. But soon a bad storm happened. The wind blew and waves covered the boat.

Jesus’ followers were very afraid. They woke up Jesus and told Him they thought they were going to drown. Matthew 8:26 tells us what Jesus did. “Jesus answered, ‘Why are you afraid? You don’t have enough faith.’ Then Jesus stood up and gave a command to the wind and the water. The wind stopped, and the lake became very calm.”

Wow! The followers in the boat were amazed when they saw Jesus’ great power. Maybe you will feel the wind today. It may be a gentle breeze or a strong storm. Think about God’s power. Thank Him for controlling everything on earth.