There is a lake behind my house. Far across the lake is our local electric company. This company has several buildings and three very tall smokestacks. Every morning, smoke comes out of the smokestacks, and I can tell if the wind is blowing or not.
Some days the smoke leans to the left — that means the wind is blowing from the east. Other days, the smoke is leaning to the right, and that means the wind is blowing from the west. When the smoke goes straight up, there is no wind.
Every day it is different. The direction of the wind keeps changing. The wind is unpredictable. In verse 8 of today’s Bible Reading, it says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Jesus does not change every day like the wind. Jesus is very predictable. He never changes!
Jesus is with us when we are happy or sad, healthy or sick, rich or poor. It is wonderful to know that Jesus will always be the same.