Winter Winds*

Winter can be filled with cold winds that blow. Winter can seem so dead and gloomy. But there is still life during winter. Many animals sleep during this time. When the weather becomes warm again, these animals are rested and ready for springtime. Trees and plants are dormant (not growing) during the winter. But in the spring they have new buds and leaves.
Sometimes Christians seem to be dead and gloomy. Maybe they have a lot of sadness in their lives. Or maybe someone is treating them badly because they follow Jesus. But within each Christian there is life. If God’s Word is in their lives, they will grow in Jesus.
In Luke chapter 8, God’s Word is compared to a seed. Some seeds fall on bad ground and do not grow well. But some seeds fall on good ground and grow much fruit. Every Christian should want God’s Word to grow in them and help them serve God.
Allow God’s love to fill your heart. Read and study His Word, the Bible. Even if it is cold outside, it can be summertime in your heart!