Wisdom (5)

The writer of Ecclesiastes believed that having good friends is very important. In Ecclesiastes 4:9, he said that it is good when people work together. “Two people are better than one. When two people work together, they get more work done.”

That verse makes me think about two people who might have traveled together in Bible times. As they walked, the two of them could help each other if they stumbled or fell. When they slept at night, they could keep each other warm. And if danger came, they could defend each other. The writer of Ecclesiastes goes on to say that three people together are even better than two. They are like a strong rope made of three strands.

When I think about my friends, I feel happy. Some of my friends have worked with me. Many friends have prayed for me and encouraged me. A few friends have even protected me when I was in danger.

Think about the friends God has given to you. Thank God for these friends. Look for ways that you can show these friends your love and encouragement.