The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom. In chapter 2, Solomon wrote words of wisdom to his son. In verses 2-4 Solomon said, “Listen to wisdom, and try your best to understand. Cry out for wisdom, and shout for understanding. Look for wisdom like silver. Look for it like a hidden treasure.”
Solomon wanted his son to have wisdom. Why? Because “…the Lord will give you his wisdom. Then you will understand the things that are good and fair and right. Wisdom will come into your heart, and your soul will be happy with knowledge” (verses 9-10).
God wants each of us to have wisdom, too. How do we get wisdom? The first way is to read and study the Bible. Another way to get wisdom is to pay attention to older Christians who are wise. Verse 20b says, “Wisdom will help you live the way good people live.”
Get into God’s Word today and start learning how to be wise!