Wisdom (8)

The world is full of people who think that they are wise. Some of these people even think that they can understand God. In Ecclesiastes 8:17 the writer says that is not true. “I also saw that no one can understand all that God does. People can try and try to understand the things that happen here on earth, but they cannot. There may be wise people who claim to understand the meaning of these things, but they are wrong. No one can understand it all.”

Do you know how many stars are in the night sky? Do you know how big the universe is? Do you know how many drops of water are in the oceans? We don’t know these things, but God does!

When I think about those questions, I feel frustrated that I can’t understand God. I need to realize that I am not wise like God. He does not expect me to have all the answers. But God does expect me to learn all I can and obey His teachings in the Bible.

When you think about the world today, remember that God is wise and all-knowing. Thank Him for His wisdom and ask Him to help you obey His Word.