Wise Friends

The verses in our Bible Reading are about being wise. Verse 20 says, “Be friends with people who are wise, and you will become wise. But if you choose fools to be your fiends, then you will have trouble.” So, if we want to be wise, we should have wise friends. But who is a wise friend?
A wise friend thinks other people are more important than he is. A wise friend knows the right time to speak and to stay quiet. A friend who is wise always thinks before he does something. A wise friend encourages his friends and helps them make right choices. A friend who is wise tells people how Jesus can be their Savior. Finally, a wise friend helps his friends become wise, too.
Think about your friends. Are your friends wise? Do they help you become closer to Jesus? Do your friends love and encourage you? If your friends do these things, they are wise.
Ask God today to help you choose wise friends. Thank Him for your friends who do wise things.