Wise Men (2)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Matthew 2:10 tells us about the wise men. “They were happy and excited to see the star.” When the wise men saw the star, they rejoiced. They were happy that God had chosen them to see the sign about Jesus’ birth.

I can imagine that the wise men were joyful when they told King Herod about the birth of a new king. And they must have been very happy to finally find Jesus and worship Him.

As Christians, our sins are forgiven and we are saved from eternal separation from God. We should be very happy that Jesus was willing to die for us. We should also be excited to be close to Jesus and tell other people about Him.

There are many ways we can express our happiness to God. We can sign songs and poems, dance or sing as we worship. We can serve other people. And we can pray.

How will you show your happiness to God today?