Wise Men (2)

The wise men traveled to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus. They knew that Jesus was the new ruler of the Jews. “The wise men bowed down and worshiped the baby” (verse 11b).
The wise men brought gifts to Jesus. One gift was gold. Another gift was frankincense. This was an expensive perfume that came from a tree. Sometimes it was burned as an offering to God. The third gift was myrrh. It also came from a tree and was used as incense and perfume.
Mary and Joseph were poor people. But soon Joseph, Mary and Jesus would need to go to Egypt to escape King Herod. Maybe Joseph used these gifts to pay for their trip and to help them while they lived in Egypt.
The wise men left Bethlehem. But they did not return to King Herod. God warned them in a dream not to go back to Jerusalem. Why? Because Herod wanted to kill Jesus.
God took care of baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary. And God is in control of the world today. He has promised to take care of us, too.