Wise Men (6)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Today is our last devotion about the wise men. These men must have planned and prepared for their long trip. They had studied and knew the sign that would announce the birth of the new king.

When the star appeared, the wise men gathered special gifts to give to the king. They loaded supplies for the journey. When they arrived in Jerusalem, the wise men stopped and asked King Herod where they could find the new king. The wise men did everything necessary to prepare themselves to be ready to meet Jesus.

The wise men saw Jesus when He was on earth more than 2000 years ago. Someday Jesus will come back to earth. Then we must be prepared to meet Him.

How can we be ready to meet Jesus? We can read and obey the Bible and continue to grow closer to Him every day. Finally, we can watch for Jesus to return.

I hope you are ready to meet Jesus!