Wisest and Richest

Solomon was probably the wisest and richest man that has ever lived. When Solomon became king, he asked God for wisdom. Our Bible Reading tells us that God gave Solomon wisdom, wealth and long life.
In the book of Proverbs, Solomon taught one of his sons about wisdom. In Proverbs 3:13-15, Solomon said, “The person who finds wisdom will be very happy. That person will be blessed when he begins to understand. The profit that comes from wisdom is better than silver. The profit from wisdom is better than fine gold! Wisdom is worth much more than jewels. Nothing you can want is as valuable as wisdom!”
Solomon also wrote wise words in the book of Ecclesiastes. In 12:13 he said, “Now, what should we learn from all the things that are written in this book? The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey his commands.”
I hope you are studying the Bible, praying and worshiping God. That is how you will learn to respect God and obey His commands.