Women in Acts (3)

In the Jerusalem church, there were two groups of people. The first group was Jews who read God’s Word in the Hebrew language. The second group was people who read God’s Word in the Greek language. When the Greek-speaking Jews came to Jerusalem, they heard about Jesus and became part of the church there.
In both groups there were widows — women whose husbands had died. The church provided food and other things for these widows. But there was a problem. Our Bible Reading tells us that the Greek-speaking widows “were not getting their share of what the followers received every day” (verse 1b).
So the apostles had a meeting of all the followers. They decided to choose seven men to take care of the widows. It is important today for Christians to take care of each other, too. James 1:27a tells us, “The worship that God wants is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help.” God is pleased when you share with your brothers and sisters in Christ.