Women in Acts (6)

Our Bible Reading today tells us that King Herod put Peter in jail because he was preaching about Jesus.
When Peter was in jail, God sent an angel to lead Peter out of jail. Then Peter went to the home of Mary, where some Christians were meeting. Verse 12 says that these Christians were praying. What were they praying about? They were probably asking God to rescue Peter from jail.
Peter knocked on the door of the house. “A servant girl named Rhoda came to answer it” (verse 13b). Rhoda knew that it was Peter at the door, and she was excited. She was so excited that she “even forgot to open the door” (verse 14b)! Rhoda ran inside and told the Christians that Peter was there.
Rhoda was excited because she knew God answered their prayers. When God answers your prayers and does something wonderful in your life, be sure to thank Him. Be excited that God loves you and takes care of you!