Women in Acts (7)

Timothy was a young man who became a Christian. Acts, chapter 16, tells us that Timothy’s father was a Greek. But Timothy’s mother was a Jew who believed in God. After Timothy became a Christian, he traveled and told people about Jesus. Sometimes Timothy traveled with Paul.
2 Timothy is a letter that Paul wrote to Timothy to encourage him in his ministry. In 2 Timothy, Paul talks about Timothy’s grandmother and mother. Paul said, “I remember your true faith. That kind of faith first belonged to your grandmother Lois and to your mother Eunice. I know you now have that same faith” (verse 5).
Lois and Eunice believed in God. And they taught Timothy to believe in God, too. That was the foundation for Timothy to learn about Jesus and to believe that He is God’s Son.
It is very important for us to teach our children and grandchildren about Jesus. And it is also important for us to follow Jesus’ example of obeying God. Then our children and grandchildren will want to be like Jesus, too.