Wonderful Blessings

God loves us and wants to give us many blessings. In our Bible verses today, the writer talks about the blessings that God gave to him. Some of these blessings were healthy families (verse 12), good crops and animals (verse 13) and protection from enemies (verse 14).
God made a wonderful world for us to enjoy — flowers and trees, a warm summer breeze and a beautiful sunset. He gives us healthy bodies and minds so that we can serve Him. God also provides us with a place to live and food to eat.
But the greatest blessing that God gives us is salvation through Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross, He accepted the pain and punishment that we deserve. Salvation is a wonderful blessing from God!
Take time today to think about the many ways that God blesses you. Thank Him for these blessings. And don’t forget to tell other people how God takes care of you every day!