Wonderful God

When my children were young, we learned about the oceans of the world. We studied the different oceans and what is in them. We learned about all kinds of sea creatures and plant life. I think that I learned as much as they did!
One of the things that really fascinated me was the depth of the oceans. The average depth of the world’s oceans is about 14,000 feet. That is really deep. But there is a place in the Pacific Ocean called the Mariana Trench. There the ocean is 36,200 feet deep. Wow!
In our Bible Reading today, the Psalm writer talks about God’s faithfulness, goodness and fairness. In verse 6b he says, “Your fairness is deeper than the deepest ocean.” God is fair and just. That’s why He’s such a wonderful God!
God is fair and loving. He decides what is right and expects us to obey Him. Thank God today for loving you and offering you His gift of salvation through Jesus.