Wonderful God

Can we count all the stars in the sky? Can we count the hairs on our heads? Can we count the grains of sand on the seashore? No, we can’t count these things. And, we can’t read a book or watch a DVD that tells us the answers to these questions. Only God knows these things.
In our Bible Reading today, one of Job’s friends reminded Job about all the wonderful things God had done. In verse 23, he said, “God All-Powerful is great! We can’t understand God! God is very powerful, but he is also good and fair to us.”
We can’t understand everything about our wonderful God. But we can learn about Him. We can read about Him in the Bible. We can see the amazing things He has made in our world. And, we can talk to Him when we pray.
God wants you to know more about Him. Look for ways today to learn more about our wonderful God!