Word Pictures*

Jesus didn’t use fancy words when He taught lessons about God’s kingdom. Jesus used simple words and ideas. Why? Because He wanted young and old people, educated and uneducated people to know about God. When Jesus spoke, He made pictures in the people’s minds. Some of these pictures were: a farmer planting seeds, a mustard seed growing into a tall tree, a woman cleaning house, a lost sheep, and a father running to meet his son. Everyone can understand a lesson when it is joined with a word picture.
Pictures help us remember ideas. That’s why we have illustrations in Daily Devotions for the Deaf. Since 1980 we have had a picture to go with each daily devotion. You probably remember a picture from a favorite devotion you read many years ago.
Nature is full of lessons about God. We have learned lessons from our experiences in life. If you are interested in writing devotions, contact Deaf Missions. We will send you information about writing devotions. You might see your devotion in a future issue of the devotion book.