Words/Signs that Hurt

Maybe you have said or signed something untrue or unkind about another person. Verses 19 and 21b of today’s Bible Reading tell us that God will punish people who say/sign unkind things. “You people say bad things and tell lies. Well, I won’t be quiet any longer! I will make it very clear to you, and I will criticize you to your face!”
Lies and gossip can cause a lot of damage to a person. They can destroy a person’s reputation. Lies and gossip can also ruin friendships and marriages. They can cause problems that may never go away.
In Leviticus 19:16a, God said, “You must not go around spreading false stories against other people.” And in 1 Corinthians 4:13a, we learn what to do when someone says something false or unkind about us. “People say bad things about us, but we say good things to them.”
I hope that you will stop and think carefully before you say or sign something bad about another person. God will bless you for treating other people with kindness, honesty and respect.