Workers for God

I was raised on a farm, and I still enjoy gardening. It is fun to see how God can take the tiny seeds I plant and turn those seeds into flowers, vegetables and fruit.
Jesus and His followers used stories about farming to teach important truths about the Christian life. Our Bible Reading today is one example. In these verses, Paul scolded the believers in Corinth because they were arguing about church leaders. Paul reminded the Christians that one believer is not more important than another believer. Every Christian has a job to do in God’s harvest field. It doesn’t matter what the job is — we should do what God asks us to do.
Do you feel discouraged when you share the Good News about Jesus with someone and don’t see results? Remember today’s Bible verses. Our job is to plant the seed of God’s Word or water the seed that someone else has planted. Then the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and cause these seeds to grow.