Many people have a physical workout every day. They do this to make their bodies healthy and strong. Maybe they lift weights or run on a treadmill or do exercises. But sometimes a workout produces tired and achy muscles.
In our Bible Reading, Paul gave instructions to the Christians in the city of Philippi. He said in verse 12b, “You yourselves must live in a way that moves you toward your salvation. Do this with respect and fear for God.” Paul was telling the people that they needed to follow Jesus every day. Then they could look forward to living with Jesus forever.
Paul also told the people how to follow Jesus. He said in verse 13 that they should do things that pleased God. Paul continued in verse 14 to tell the Christians to do everything without complaining or arguing. In verse 18 Paul said that if we serve God, we will be happy and full of joy.
If we have a physical workout every day, we will become strong and healthy. But more importantly, if we serve and obey God every day, we will be strong Christians.