It is a difficult time now in the United States. People are filing for bankruptcy and losing their jobs and houses. It is easy to become worried and upset about our economy.
When we read our Bible verses for today, we can know that God is in control of everything in our world. He is in control of our money, our jobs and our houses. God will help us take care of the problems we face.
Verse 32b tells us, “Don’t worry because your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things.” God knows what we need every day. So He has promised to provide what is necessary for us to live.
God is in control of our lives. So we need to put our faith in Him and trust Him to take care of us. It’s like when you fall off a cliff and can’t climb back up. Then someone throws a rope to you. You depend on that rope to get you to safety.
Don’t worry today. Depend on God. He will never fail you.