Worry and Fear (5)

In our Bible Reading today, Paul told his Christian friends in the city of Philippi to be filled with joy. Paul even repeated this, “I will say it again. Be filled with joy” (verse 4b). Paul wanted these Christians to be filled with joy that can only come from God. If our hearts and minds are filled with joy, there will be no room for worry and fear.

If I let God control my life, He gives me His joy and peace. I can easily become worried and fearful. But Paul says in verse 7 that God’s peace will stand guard over all our thoughts and feelings. God is with me twenty-four hours every day. He helps me turn away thoughts of worry and fear.

Don’t worry today. Instead, pray and ask God to guide you. And don’t forget to thank Him for everything He has done for you. Then you can experience God’s joy and peace today.