Do you ever worry? Most people worry. But we usually worry about things that might happen or about things that we cannot control. Does worry do anything good for us? No. Worry hurts us. Worry may cause us to lose sleep or to get sick or to be upset.
When I visit people in nursing homes, I often give them a balloon flower. Then I share with them the words from our Bible Reading today. Jesus said that our heavenly Father takes care of the grass and the flowers in the field. But grass and flowers only last for a short time. If God takes care of them, He will also take care of us. People are much more important than the rest of creation. Only people were made to be like God (Genesis 1:26).
We know that God loves us because He made us. We also know that God loves us because He sent Jesus to die for us (John 3:16). When you start to worry, remember that God made you and loves you.
Take time today to look around at the flowers and the birds. God takes care of them. He will take care of you, too. And, don’t worry!