For every activity we do, we need to know some basic things. If we want to bake a cake, repair a car engine, play the piano or play football, we must first know something about the activity.
If we want to worship God, we need to know who God is, what makes Him happy, what brings honor to Him and how we should worship Him.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul was in Athens. The people there worshiped many gods, but they didn’t know about the one true God. In verse 23 Paul said, “I was going through your city and I saw the things you worship. I found an altar that had these words written on it: ‘TO THE GOD WHO IS NOT KNOWN.’ You worship a god that you don’t know. This is the God I am telling you about!” Paul told the people in Athens about God. Then they were able to worship Him.
I hope you will spend some time today getting to know God and worshiping Him.