God does so many wonderful things for me! He made me, and He loves me. He guides me every day and helps me when I have problems.

What can I do for God? I can worship Him! God is the only one who deserves our worship. Verses 5-6a of our Bible Reading say, “All the ‘gods’ in other nations are nothing but statues, but the Lord made the heavens. He lives in the presence of glory and honor.”

How can I worship God? Worship is anything I can do that shows God how much I love Him. I can worship God in many ways. I can worship Him by praying and studying His Word. I worship God by obeying Him. Even when I show kindness to others, I am worshiping God.

Some people think they can only worship God in a church building on Sunday. But we can worship God in many ways, any time during the week. Worship and praise God today!