Worship and Fellowship

In our Bible verses today, Paul tells us how we can worship God and enjoy fellowship with other Christians.
Verse 16 says, “Let the teaching of Christ live inside you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” These are things that we often do when we meet for worship, prayer or Bible study.
But Paul doesn’t just talk about worship. He talks about fellowshiping, too. Through fellowship we can share our life experiences and help each other. Paul also reminds us to show mercy, forgiveness, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience to each other. But most importantly, we need to remember “to love each other” (verse 14b).
As Christians, we have the wonderful opportunity to worship God and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Take time to worship and fellowship today.