Worship God

Psalm 95 invites us to worship God, and the writer tells us some ways we can worship Him.
Verse 1 talks about singing and shouting praises to God. “Come, let us sing praise to the Lord! Let us shout praises to the Rock who saves us.” It doesn’t matter if we sign or use our voices. God wants us to praise Him.
Verses 3-5 talk about God’s creation. When we enjoy and respect what God has made, we are worshiping Him. And verse 6 says, “Come, let us bow down and worship him! Let us kneel before the Lord who made us.”
There are many ways that you can worship God. You can even make a plan for your own personal worship time. Think about the ways you like to praise God. Do you like to sing? Do you like to write poetry? Do you like to paint pictures? Develop ways to worship God that are special for you. And don’t forget to include prayer and a time of thanks in your worship time.
May God bless you as you worship Him!