Worship God

Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem to worship God. We also read in the New Testament that Jesus often worshiped in synagogues. (Synagogues were places of worship that were outside the city of Jerusalem.) Jesus must have thought that it was important to worship God with other people.
Today Christians can worship God in their local church. Hebrews 10:25a reminds us that “We should not quit meeting together. That’s what some people are doing. But we should meet together and encourage each other.” It is important for Christians to meet and worship God.
I hope that you are part of a church that believes and teaches the Bible. If not, you should become involved in a church. Meeting with other Christians to worship God will help you learn more about the Bible. You will also grow in your Christian faith. Other Christians will help and encourage you.
Support your local church with your attendance, your service and your money. Thank God that you can meet with other Christians and worship Him.