Worship Only God

Mary?s friend was very sick. Mary visited her friend every day. Mary told me that as she was driving home from the hospital one night, she saw a ?falling star? (meteor) in the sky. She made a wish on the star, and then she prayed to God.
Mary was very sincere. She thought that God would pay attention to her prayer. But she also thought that God needed some extra help. So she wished on a star.
The Israelites often did something like Mary did. They worshiped God, but they also worshiped false gods. When the Israelites started worshiping other gods, God turned away from them. He punished them for their disobedience.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God wants us to worship only Him. He is the Creator of the world. Only God can answer our prayers. Stars, stones and wooden idols cannot answer our prayers.
Make sure you are worshiping only God today. Give Him your honor and praise.