Worship Only God

The Bible tells us that God wants His followers to worship only Him. Genesis, chapter 35, tells us that people who lived near Jacob worshiped foreign gods. They made idols of wood and metal and worshiped them.

Jacob told his family and the other people traveling with him destroy all the foreign gods they had. Genesis 35:4 tells us what the people did. “So the people gave Jacob all the foreign gods they had, and they gave him all the rings they were wearing in their ears. He buried everything under an oak tree near the town called Shechem.” Jacob took the things the people worshiped and buried them. Why? So they would not be tempted to worship those things again.

Today many people in the world worship false gods. These gods may be idols that they bow down and worship. Or they might worship their houses, their cars or their money. God does not want that to happen. He wants us to worship only Him.

Is there something in your life that is more important to you than God? If so, then that is your god. You need to remove that from your life and worship only God. He loves you and offers you salvation through Jesus. Be sure that God is the most important part of your life.