Worship Only God

One day I was reading Acts, chapter 12. I learned something new from these verses. Verse 23b says, “So an angel of the Lord caused him [Herod] to become sick. He was eaten by worms inside him, and he died.” Yuck! That is disgusting!
This king was Herod Agrippa. His grandfather was the king who tried to kill baby Jesus. His uncle killed John the Baptizer. Herod was just as evil as the rest of his family. He also did some very bad things to Christians.
Some people said that King Herod was a god. Then God’s angel caused Herod to become sick. Why? Because he “accepted this praise and did not give the glory to God” (verse 23).
King Herod worshiped himself instead of God. Maybe we don’t worship ourselves, but sometimes we make other things more important than God. Maybe we make our house or our car or our family more important than God.
Be sure that you worship only the one true God!