Writing Books (1)

I love writing books. When I write, often I change my mind about the story or the characters. But thankfully, I can change the story any time I want! If I type on the computer, it’s easy to delete things or make corrections.
Sometimes I make mistakes. I hurt someone I care about. I say something I shouldn’t say. Later I regret these things. I wish I could delete these mistakes like I can in my books. I wish I could erase what happened and start over. But that is impossible.
I am so glad that Jesus loves me and forgives me! Verse 4 of our Bible Reading today says, “…just as Christ was raised from death by the wonderful power of the Father, so we can now live a new life.” That means with Jesus, you can have a new life. You can start over. And, as You continue to follow Jesus and obey Him every day, He forgives your sins.
Praise God today for sending Jesus to die for your sins!