Writing Books (3)

When I finish writing a book, I carefully read it to see if there are any mistakes. I usually find some mistakes, and sometimes I don’t find a mistake until after the book is published! Then I wish I could have found the mistake sooner so I could fix it before the book was printed. But if I find one small mistake in my book, that doesn’t mean that the entire book is bad. I won’t throw away the books because I found one mistake.
God created us perfect. But we make mistakes, and then we are not perfect anymore. Our sins separate us from God. Does God want to throw us away and forget about us? No, He loves us and wants to help us. Our Bible verses today tell us that all people have sinned (verse 23) and that we can be “made right with God by being made free from our sin through Jesus Christ” (verse 24).
God wants to have a close relationship with you. That’s why He sent Jesus to die for your sins. Accept His free gift of salvation and follow Jesus every day.