You are Special

When I was in high school, some of my friends were depressed. Usually they were depressed because they didn?t get good grades in school, or because they couldn?t get along with their parents.
Sometimes it seems that we just can?t do anything right. We fail at everything we do. Then we think that God does not love us. We think that God cannot use us in his kingdom.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about the time when Peter, Andrew, James and John started following Jesus. These four men were just ordinary men. They had problems in their lives. Jesus knew they were not perfect. He knew that they would make mistakes. But Jesus chose them to be His special followers.
God wants you to be His special child. He knows you will make mistakes. But God loves you, and He is willing to forgive you when you fail.
Don?t forget today that God loves you and that He thinks you are very special.