Your Guide

According to the dictionary, the word “conscience” means “an inner feeling that tells you what is right or wrong.” There is an old saying: “Let your conscience be your guide.” Some people think this is good advice, but often it can lead us in the wrong direction.
The devil tries to confuse us. He tells us that something is good, but he is telling a lie. When we do not let God control our lives, we make wrong choices and follow the devil’s lies.
So if we cannot let our conscience be our guide, who should we follow? Should we follow fortune tellers or horoscopes? No! The only One who can really be our guide is God’s Holy Spirit. Our Bible verses today tell us about how the Holy Spirit helps us follow God more closely. Verse 25 says, “We get our new life from the Spirit. So we should follow the Spirit.”
I want to let the Holy Spirit be my guide! I hope that you do, too.