Your Heart

I took my car to a repair shop. When I picked up the car, it looked so beautiful and clean! I put my key in the ignition, but it would not start. My car looked great, but I could not drive it!
I took my car to another shop. When the car was finished, I was disappointed because the men who worked on my car got it dirty on the outside. But I got in the car and started the motor. It worked very well.
I said to the second repairman, “My car looks so dirty. How can it run so well?” The man laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter what the car looks like on the outside. What is important is what is inside the car. If the engine is working right, then the car will run well.”
Our Bible Reading reminds us that if we act like we are proud or have anger or hate in our hearts, we will not be right with God. God does not care what we look like on the outside – whether we are hearing or deaf, black or white. God wants us to have a right relationship with Him.