Your Name

When I was young, I had a special friend. We played together and shared special things with each other. My friend and I always met at a special place in a small ice cream shop.
Sometimes my friend and I wanted to share a message with each other. We didn?t want anyone else to read it, so we would write the message on our hands. When we went home to dinner, we didn?t wash our hands. We wanted to keep the message on our hands so we could read it again and again.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God does not forget us. Verse 16 says, ?Look, I have carved your name into my hand. I think about you all the time!? God doesn?t take an ink pen and write our names on His hand. He carves our names ? that makes it permanent.
These verses remind us that God loves us. He does not forget about us. God will always be there to help and encourage us.