Zephaniah was one of God’s prophets. He was related to King Josiah, and he was also the great-great-grandson of King Hezekiah.
Zephaniah shared God’s message with the people of Judah. He told the people that God would punish them by allowing another country to conquer them and take some of the people to be their slaves. All of the things that Zephaniah told the people really did happen later.
Our Bible verses for today are the last verses of the book. Most of Zephaniah’s message was sad. But Zephaniah closes with some encouraging words for the people. In these verses, he said that God would eventually end their punishment and bring the people back to Jerusalem. Then the people would be happy again.
Sometimes we are sad and face problems here on earth. But when we live forever, we will be happy and live with God. No matter what you are facing today, think about the happiness of living eternally with God.