Meet Samantha Baldwin and training opportunity for you!

Meet Samantha Baldwin, one of our students in the Deaf Missions Training Center (DMTC).  She is a conscientious, diligent student who strives to do her best in her studies here, knowing God is calling her to work with Deaf children internationally in the future.  Samantha’s deepest desire is for Deaf children to know Jesus and grow in Him.

As part of her DMTC experience, Samantha will participate in an internship with Deaf Child Hope (DCH), a partnering ministry of Deaf Missions.  For her internship with DCH, she will go to Kenya, Africa, to invest in and bless the lives of Deaf children in an orphanage there.

The training provided to her through the DMTC is reinforcing God’s calling in her life! 

On May 16-19, there will be another training opportunity— for you!  Deaf Missions will be hosting our Deaf Christian Leaders Conference here in the greater Omaha area.  Be sure to register today!