Over 100 Church shown The Book of Job!

When Deaf Missions released a feature film about the life of Job, we wanted to address the problem of suffering. Why? Pain and suffering are part of the human experience. We’ve all wondered where God is in times of trouble. The story of Job reminds us that our Redeemer lives and is present to help us in our darkest moments.

The responses to the release of the film, The Book of Job, have been overwhelming!  Close to 100 churches have shown the movie… including international venues around the world!  Don’t take our word for it.  Read a portion from an email we received from a Deaf pastor who showed the movie to a church in India:

Thank you so much for letting us show the Job movie. Deaf people enjoyed it even if they were not able understand ASL. Some of them can read and were able to read the closed captions. I explained introduction of the movie and then at the end of the movie, I asked them what they learned, what impacted them, etc..

Here’s how they responded:
1. They were impacted by seeing Jesus at the end.
2. They thought it was only three friends who talked to Job. The movie helped them to see there was a fourth young man who also was with Job.
3. The strongest message for them was when Job’s wife said “Curse God.”  Job then responds by saying,”How can we accept all the good things that God gives us and not accept the problems? God gives us good and bad. We accept it all.” That applies to people in India because they have experienced much persecution and poverty.  I explained to them that God is powerful and provides.

It was amazing to watch their positive responses toward the movie. Thank you again for the great opportunity.

More than anything, The Book of Job is providing real answers to the problem of pain in a fresh way for Deaf audiences. Deaf Missions has received several reports of Deaf people coming to Christ, receiving forgiveness and being encouraged to live a changed life. We want you to help us continue to deliver life-changing results to more Deaf people around the world. You can participate in two ways. First, purchase or rent the video by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below. You will receive instructions about how you can view the movie today.

Or, you can sponsor a showing of the movie to a larger Deaf audience. Your gift will make it possible for Deaf Missions to organize a Job movie party in a church, school or community center. Click the SPONSOR button below for more details.