Prayers and dollars at work!

These are exciting times as we continue to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Deaf people worldwide! Praise God!

May you be encouraged to know that your prayers and dollars are…

…translating God’s Word into American Sign Language (ASL). Our translators are currently working on 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Job and Proverbs. We are making tremendous progress towards the goal of completing this version of the Bible by the year 2020, thereby giving Deaf people their first ever complete Bible in a sign language!

…training Christians to become more effective church planters, leaders, preachers, Bible translators and missionaries through the Deaf Missions Training Center (DMTC). We recently graduated 6 students, all of whom are now serving in various ministry roles. Furthermore, we welcomed, trained, equipped and encouraged more than 250 people at our 5th Christian Interpreters Conference in April.

…reaching Deaf people through the Bible in ASL, Deaf Devo, Big Bible Stories, Dr. Wonder’s Workshop and other resources now available free of charge on Deaf Missions’ website and two apps – Deaf Bible and Deaf Devo. Deaf Missions staff and students, ministry partners and friends utilize these resources as they go out and reach Deaf people with the Gospel of Jesus.

Hope you’re encouraged! If you haven’t recently, would you please consider making a gift to Deaf Missions today? Thank you so very much for your eternal blessings to Deaf people here and abroad!

Sincerely in Christ,




Chad Entinger

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Click here to check out a short video about Deaf Missions. Please share this with others you know who may also be interested in Deaf Missions!